Backup and Recovery as a Service - BraaS

Backup and Recovery as a Service

Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) – fast, user-friendly, with full cost transparency

Backup of files, with the retention period you need, off-site by default.

Today’s organisation wants data protected at granular level, with fast restore, at the lowest cost. With our service, the days of time consuming backups and any concern over increasing service costs are over.

PeaSoup’s user friendly backup and recovery service provides costs per GB predictions, ensuring full cost transparency for the retention periods set. Local backup ensures fast recovery of files with encryption provided as a default, 24/7. There are also a number of location to store your data.

Backup and recovery services require scenario-planning and PeaSoup has covered every ‘worst case’ scenario, so you can operate business as usual. PeaSoup provide the highest quality back up standards within the industry, so you can be assured compliance data retention rules are always met. If there are any legalities concerning data and geographical boundaries, backup data is reviewed and categorized in order to create separate retention policies. Lastly a full restoration can always be undertaken to the PeaSoup Cloud if you require full recovery, fast. You will always have the assurance of rapid access to your data from in cases of emergency. Your staff gain access via a portal with a quick and easy intuitive interface (if you should ever need it).

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