Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud – flexible pay for what you use solution

A Hybrid cloud is an infrastructure extension of your datacentre, not a bolt-on. The extension into the PeaSoup Cloud, allows you the flexibility when you need it. You can either use the Hybrid cloud as an additional resource for testing or staging new applications or use to support (any) seasonal demands which require more ‘bandwidth’ for your business.

The hybrid cloud can simply be a safety net for business agility during a growth period. PeaSoup’s solution provides flexibility and you only pay for what you use – providing you with full transparency and peace of mind.

As one of the fastest growing areas in cloud services, Hybrid Cloud has shown endless benefits in a Virtual Datacentre (vDC) environment which integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure within an organization.

As an integrated extension of your Cloud, virtual machines (or apps) can be deployed from a choice of locations using the same vSphere tools used for your existing VMWare data centre – so there is no requirement to retrain staff. The benefits are endless…

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