Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migrations – no longer an obstacle to the adoption of Cloud Services

 PeaSoup has uncomplicated the cloud migration process, so minimal effort and downtime are required. No heavy lifting of systems are required and you do not receive a hefty Professional Services charges.

Our Cloud migration moves the entire server environment – operating system, applications, network, and storage configuration from your environment. We treat your data and workloads carefully and in a similar manner to our Disaster Recover Service where your data and workloads are replicated with us.

Customers can use this replication process as an opportunity to run tests in our Cloud environment, in parallel with their own systems, before live switch over. A back out option in the migration process is used as a fail safe.

The migration process can be used in reverse too, so you can migrate away from our cloud. Whilst don’t want to see you go, we know circumstances change, so you have complete peace mind.

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