Our Cloud - Fundamentals

Our Cloud – Fundamentals

PeaSoup supply software defined virtual datacentres (vDC) , this Infrastructure can be completely controlled and customised by our customers without the delays of waiting for PeaSoup support staff intervention.

Our support teams are always available to assist and also have a plethora of supporting videos and documentation on our support portal for customers to use.

The result is,  we supply a virtual Datacentre with your firewall, your network, your virtual servers completely under your controll!!

Pea SoupThe underlying PeaSoup Cloud is a VMware vCloud, hyper-converged architecture public cloud built with Fujitsu hardware in a Tier3 datacentre. The public cloud provides the economy of scale and the elasticity for rapid expansion when required.Within this pubic cloud, each customer is provided with a dedicated software defined datacentre, their own tailored cloud service defined within the main cloud. As standard each PeaSoup customer cloud has the networking and firewalling segmentation to ensure a secure environment is created, using the VMware vCloud technology.

Each software defined datacentre holds a customer configurable firewall in either a dual or single firewall configuration which allows full control of traffic from the outside and the internal networks. All the virtual machines are built either from a catalogue or new installation. Virtual machines may also be migrated from other clouds, virtual environments or physical servers.

Each customer in this example has a different size virtual datacentre but most importantly they do not share resources, there is a separation between each cloud. Each virtual datacentre can be expanded or shrunk and the overall PeaSoup cloud can be expanded quickly to cope with the demands of the users.

Portal The management of each datacentre is through the management portal where each customer can control their specific users and their access. Users can be configured and maintained based on manual user creation, directory integration or federation. This portal provides fully functional control of the firewall functions, including DHCP, VPN and network load balancers and control of the virtual machines. From this portal, servers can be built, stopped, started etc. and remote access to the operating system is provided. Additionally real-time usage graphs can be shown and there is linked access to our how to library of video and documents from our support portal.

Hybrid If the Hybrid deployment is chosen then management of the cloud can also be undertaken from the familiar vSphere tools where both the existing vSphere environment and the vCloud environment can be managed in the same interface.