Platform as a Service - PaaS

Platform as a Service

Platform As A Service (PaaS) – The ultimate platform for businesses software, providing powerful performance.

Whether you’re looking to host analytical software for Big Data, Business Intelligence Software, Digital Content & Media Applications, ERP/CRM applications or others, we have the infrastructure in place to provide the performance you need.

The technology behind the PeaSoup Cloud can deliver 1Ghz to 192Ghz of processing power on a Solid State Drive (SSD) infrastructure to convert digital media or run complex analytical software. PeaSoup has the capability to run large databases at incredible speeds, with more bandwidth (either cross-connected to your network, or another network) to ensure low latency connections. PaaS can be used for a specified global geographic region and can be delivered through four Tier 1 network providers.

Your environment will be completely ring fenced with a dual firewalls for the tightest security and throughput for your application and we place no limit on the amounts of data you transfer.

Platform-as-a-Service at PeaSoup has assigned performance SLAs, based upon initial benchmarks of your environment – which means performance of the platform is constantly monitored and reviewed and never drops below these levels.


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