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PeaSoup is a unique Cloud Service Provider, delivering exceptional levels of performance and reliability – from our Infrastructure design and providing a true Software Defined Virtual Datacentre to our customers as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The result is a cloud datacentre solution all the component elements of the datacentre are under your complete control.

A real-time business derives competitive advantage from responding to changing business conditions and opportunities faster than the competition, this is what Cloud Computing can bring for your business and this is what PeaSoup was built for.


There are many reasons why Cloud Computing can be beneficial to your business.



There is a direct comparison to be drawn between the costs of an on premise compute environment and the costs of cloud hosting. However costs must be compared with the on premise compute costs, maintenance costs, real estate costs, power and environmental costs, the list goes on when looking to draw a true comparison.

Businesses traditionally deploy compute capacity to handle their peak demands and the compute power is largely idle during off peak times. Since clouds can reallocate resources across many businesses with different peak periods, aggregating demand from multiple customers tends to smooth out variation and get higher utilization, enabling better economics and provides the capability for utility based pricing. A cloud provider typically charges a utility premium which may appears as a higher cost per unit time for a resource than if it were owned, financed or leased. However, although utilities cost more when they are used, they incur minimal costs when they are not used, consequently, customers save money by replacing fixed infrastructure with cloud.


Performance is the heart of any IT environment and strongly links with the cost. Poor performance will effect productivity which will introduce a hidden cost. The root cause of performance issues are generally caused by a lack of capacity, noticeable during the peaks of usage. PeaSoup has the capacity and the scale to deal with the peaks and indeed the underlying growth of a customer environment. There is no longer the concept of a cycle of equipment that will be less performant as it reaches its life or slowing down as you over use your limited fixed infrastructure investment in compute services. Paying for compute power in a utility manner changes the traditional thoughts and the more important consideration is placing limits on performance to ensure its driven by business benefit and revenue generating.


The dreaded downtime, and the costs to both reputation and bottom line. The reliability can only be judged by historical performance, however in actuality the investment from a cloud provider to improve the reliability of its cloud far out weight that of a fixed infrastructure solution.

A well written and carefully deployed application can ultimately achieve up to 99.999% uptime that is until you add in the Operating Systems and the human factor both in errors and malicious attacks. A well run cloud company will have reliance built in at all levels, multiple resilient components for each server, multiple physical servers balancing the loads, multiple and diverse paths for all data traffic. The same could be said of any business but at PeaSoup, for example, we have four internet providers to ensure not only internal diversity in networking but also the connectivity to the web. Added to that there are multiple sources of power including resilient backup power and you can add multiple datacentres for ultimate protection.

The economies of scale previously mentioned and the fact that a Cloud Providers entire business model is dependent their up time, means that an overly high level of investment is made to ensure every known potential point of failure or threat is protected against. A 100% reliable service is never achievable by any provider, as a headline statement this will always caveated in the small print.


The biggest concern when adopting cloud services is the security, a compromise or loss of your data and your business will suffer. Cloud providers have struggled to say how secure or insecure their service is as security is both an emotive and subjective subject that evolves daily. As such a Cloud Provider is actually measured by its security controls, processes and procedures, formalised and certified by compliance with various standards. These standards are only just matching the capabilities of the evolving cloud space and there are now standards specifically for cloud that PeaSoup working with that measure Compliance, Data governance, Facility Security, Human Resources, Information Security, Legal, Operations Management, Risk Management, Release Management, Resiliency and Security Architecture. Achieving and maintaining these compliance certifications, similar to the reliability is a high cost but defines the quality of the Cloud Provider.


The cost, may still be the deciding factor, however it is extremely important to look beyond this initial price and consider the benefits of performance, reliability and security that will take your business far beyond what you would be a considerable and potentially uneconomical internal investment.

The concept of consuming IT from a Cloud has one further and game changing benefit. Your business is no longer restricted by your investment, based upon a forecast of what might happen in the future. The ability to rapidly provision capacity means that any unexpected demand can be serviced, and the revenue associated with it captured. The ability to rapidly de-provision capacity means that you don’t need to pay good money for non-productive assets. Forecasting is often wrong, so the ability to react instantaneously means higher revenues, and lower costs.

PeaSoup Promises

PeaSoup Promises

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Never to compromise on quality service.

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To reduce the need for Professional Services, continually optimise the Cloud but always ensure our concierge is at hand for an enhanced PeaSoup experience.

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