Why PeaSoup?

Why PeaSoup

The PeaSoup Difference

PeaSoup is an established and successful company,  build on many years of experience. As cloud services have grown up we have learnt the challenges, the pitfalls and the risks. PeaSoup was formed to negate these risks and avoid the pitfalls.

ARCHITECTURE – The PeaSoup Cloud is the first in Europe to be built using Hyper-Converged VMware technology with a pure server architecture to provider a true software defined service.

SCALE – The PeaSoup Cloud scales purely on a server by server basis and each cluster will scale to 64 nodes with Petabytes of data before a new cluster is created. By following our fully documented process the cloud expansion is seamless.

SIMPLICITY – The advantage we provide is that there is no storage area network (SAN), therefore reduced complexity, the reliability increase from a traditional cloud models is massively improved and also the cost model is dramatically reduced.

LOW RISK – PeaSoup utilises object based storage, there is no risk of running with degraded performance as there are no RAID set rebuilds and without a storage network there is no risk of a catastrophic storage failure where all customer are effected.

RESILIENCE – We have invested heavily into the network resilience, our main cloud service is built in Telecity, Meridian gate, tier 3 datacentre in Docklands and we interconnect to two further datacentres at Telehouse North and Telehouse Metro where we take our bandwidth from two points of presence each with four transit providers.

SERVICE LEVELS – The PeaSoup service contract provides an SLA of 99.95% uptime, the differential is that there is no caveat of planned maintenance that falls outside of the SLA, also we accept degraded performance as outage in our definition

DATA STORAGE – The PeaSoup cloud ensures full UK sovereign of all data and is designed to meet the information assurance needs of UK public sector organisations. All customer data stored (even temporarily) within the PeaSoup network is encrypted using strong encryption. This includes backups of data, all data transferred over a network, including public networks is encrypted with strong encryption.

PRICING AND CONTRACTS – Our pricing model is simple, there are no hidden elements. We take an honest approach to business, we are not driven to lock in customers on long term contracts, we are driven to prove that good service and fair pricing builds better customer loyalty.

IN SUMMARY РDowntime should not be an inevitable part of a cloud service, nor should pricing models designed to confuse and trap customers into contracts. We provide a  quality focused service, price sensitive but more importantly price sensible. We are here to share our experience, humanise cloud computing and build great relationships with our customers.