About Us

About Us

PeaSoup is…

A Cloud Services Provider.

and where a Cloud meets the earth it forms a mist, a fog, a real “pea souper”!

A “born in the cloud” company, formed to create a cloud service, designed and built with a fresh architectural approach, to provide unrivaled levels of performance and stability.

Our Vision: to Humanise Cloud Computing

To demystify the cloud and deliver the UK’s leading, innovative cloud computing solutions to all businesses.

Our Core Values

The four core foundations of PeaSoup;
Human – When the cloud meets the earth, a thick fog (or PeaSoup) is formed. We endeavour to bring a cloud service back down to earth with a “human” approach.
All our customers are treated as VIPea’s, each with their unique requirements, not just peas in a pod. This translates to no more Jargon, no unmeasurable metrics, more simplicity, and complete transparency.
Vibrant – Our staff are passionate individuals who are always eager to help aiming way above the mark to exceed your expectations.
All clients have a dedicated account manager whom they may contact to answer any questions or in the unlikely event, problems.
Reliable – Reliability is at the heart of the business. PeaSoup’s foundation was only possible following the release of a new technology which brought a fresh architecture to cloud. This allowed us to overcome traditional storage issues and deliver an exceptional cloud service with no caveats for planned and unplanned maintenance written into our service level agreements.
Consistent – We strive for consistency, from our internal policies to adhering to industry standards ISO27001 and BSI Star. Our containment framework ensures we are delivering and handling data to the best practices possible within the cloud industry consistently, day in, day out. Our continuous improvement policy means we are always improving helping us to ascertain our goal of becoming the United Kingdom utmost trusted cloud provider.